200 Club
200 Club
This page is dedicated to the monthly 200 Club draw.

Every month numbered coins are drawn for our 200 Club.

The top prize is £100 and there is also a £50 and £25 prizes.
For the December draw only, the prizes will be doubled - £200, £100, and £50! With 200 people in the Club, almost £3000 gets raised toward Golf Club funds each year.
The subs are £26 a year and you can pay by quarterly direct debit (£6.50 every 3 months), with your golf subs, or by cash/cheque.  


We’re looking for new recruits.  If you’re already in the 200 Club, a big thank you for your continued support.
If you could also help by recruiting just one of your golfing buddies, that would be fantastic!

Your chances of winning are currently better than 1 in 50. You could even be the next £100 prize winner!

Click on the link below to download the application form.
Download Application Form